Are you and your man the ultimate complete goals?

Romeo and Juliet Couple Goals

Then you probably are familiar with the top 10 Couple Necessities to make a relationship work. Relationships are hard work, but the love should come natural and effortless. 

1.) MAKE TIME FOR EACH OTHER WITHOUT ANY DEVICES: Yes millennia's, I said it. Spend some genuine one on one time without distractions. Plan regular fun date nights and activities in between your busy schedule. You can find bookoos of these on Pinterest. Make a realist goal of a get a way as money allows. Make sure when you do spend this time, make it quality and not just about quantity. You don't want to get too comfortable or start taking advantage of each other simply by co existing. 

2) Compromise to avoid conflict. Consider one another's needs and learn to negotiate. 

3) COMMUNICATION is EVERYTHING! Learn to just listen sometimes without judgement or advice giving. This will help the couple to not fear opening up or telling the truth if communication is handled in a calm manner rather than rash or cut off. 

4) Forgive Each Other. Relationships are hard. We tend to hurt the one's we love most and it can be extremely frustrating and tiresome. Sometimes you just need to learn to agree to disagree and come back to the matter later. Regardless, love concours all so make sure you reconcile at the end of the day and drop your pride even if it was not "your fault" This will bring you closer and stronger. If sometimes you need a break let them know that, but do not leave them in the dark if you are not great with communication. Lastly, make up for it by being spontaneous with surprise them with their favorite gifts. You can find the most adorable couple gifts HERE which are totally #goals. 

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