At a certain stage we may have come to accept the inevitable, the process of aging with the clear signs of dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Although there are many options available, and as you read on you will find some alternatives that may suit you.

There has been lots of talk about coconut oil for different uses and health benefits in general and more so for the use in the kitchen. Because of all the many health benefits research has become more intensified in other fields such as toiletries. Research has revealed that coconut oil has many uses as a skin care product because of its chemical free options such as moisturizing, cleansing and even deodorizing.

The cosmetic industry is big and still a growing dominating market by continued bringing on a variety of new products. The ones better known such as soaps, body lotions, moisturizer, deodorants, lip balm, many types of creams and other skin care products. The big disadvantage: Most of them have a mixture of toxic chemicals such as bleaches, chemical solvents, sodium lauryl sulphate, or sodium laureth sulphate which are harmful to our skin and health. Many beauty products contain harsh chemicals which can actually make your skin age faster. If you use any skin care product than only all natural skin care solutions that have been proven to nourish your skin and make it look younger.

Coconut Oil Is Chemical Free

Although, this is a point to note, there are two types of coconut oils: The commercial grade, and the pure natural cold pressed coconut oil. The processing of commercial grade coconut oil happens in several different ways. Through its form of processing the oil is no longer sterile and better not be used for human consumption. As in comparison, the process of natural virgin coconut oil is similar to cold pressed olive oil by using fresh coconuts where the flesh of the coconut is pressed without any chemicals or high temperatures, unlike in any other processing matter. This makes the pure coconut oil a stable product with many health benefits and a long shelf life.

For Cosmetic And Healing

This oil is an alternative to many cosmetic products on the market and it is free of toxins and chemicals. Coconut oil, as studies have shown, has none of any metal content, aluminium, cadmium, chromium or manganese which can bring on health effects and skin irritation if used over long periods. Pure coconut oil for skin care is used as a facial cleanser, face wash, make up remover as well to remove mascara and eye liner.

Skin irritation and dermatitis as well caused by other cosmetics are often remedied by using pure coconut oil. This also works for irritation, red razor-burned skin from shaving, because coconut oil is antibacterial and soothing for the skin. As a night cream its fatty acids will keep your skin hydrated by applying just lightly before going to bed. It also can heal fungus because of its antibacterial and antifungal compounds. Use it as body lotion – moisturizer, it is a fragrant alternative to what’s on the market without any harsh chemicals. When coconut oil is used on the skin any wounds, infected cuts will heal faster because of its protective layer that keeps out dust, bacteria and viruses.

This is not to say to put a blob of coconut oil on a magic wand and the skin is sparkling and radiant. The skin must also heal from within the body. No matter what you put on the skin on the outside if your body gets the wrong nutrition. Therefore, it is important such nutrition or diet is rich in omega 3. You will never get enough omega 3 for the benefit of your skin and health in general. Most people are not getting enough of omega 3 in their diet. One of the best sources of omega 3 comes from krill oil which is good food for dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Krill oil comes from a tiny shrimp like fish that is found in the waters of Antarctica. This type of oil absorbs better into your body, helps to hydrate and nourishes your skin plus the entire body for a better healthier outcome. There is a way to slow and even reverse the aging process of your skin. It is always a variety of things the body needs, no matter what type of problem you want to overcome. For the skin, it doesn’t have to include creams with harsh chemicals or from potentially risky cosmetics on the market.

The Right Formula

You will notice a big improvement and a more radiant skin by following a good formula that provides the right information such as diet and natural products made without any chemicals that contain only pure, natural ingredients. The aging of skin also comes from chronically dehydration which effects many people, and most don’t even know it. You may drink enough water every day and still be dehydrated. It’s not always the lack of water. It is the lack of cellular water; if the water you drink is not absorbed correctly by the body and is unable to get into your cells. One of the best ways to improve absorption is omega 3 which has many other health benefits and is most important in your diet.

If coconut oil is not for you than you better be looking for safe and proven cosmetic products that are free of harsh chemicals. Such products are unlikely found on supermarket shelves or in most other shops. The misleading part, some labels say that these products contain natural ingredients but nothing tells about the rest of the chemicals. In Europe are over 1300 chemicals banned from personal care products and this for good reasons. Although still today, cosmetics can come on the market without any type of approval necessary, which seems odd.

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