Initially, musical boxes were used for entertainment purposes but now things have changed and boxes have been developed to store jewelry and entertain at the same time. This is a very wonderful gift that any woman out there will appreciate regardless of the age. Although most people consider the boxes to be a bit childish, they are for the young at heart and therefore there is nothing childish about them. The designs of the boxes have improved with time to accommodate even large collection and they come in different colors, patterns and sizes to suit all needs that may exist. In the real sense, the musical jewelry boxes are small treasures where you keep your treasures. There is a wide variety to choose from but the more the natural beauty of your box the better and the more classical it will be. Some are hand painted to make them stand out although the prices may differ. They are made mostly of wood such as pine, elm, oak as well as burl wood. All are of good quality but the color and the texture may differ. When you are out shopping for a musical box for your jewelry, it is important to consider the music it plays once it is opened. There are all kinds of music contained in the boxes and it is only fair to choose something that you will enjoy listening to as you get your treasure. If you don't find one that has what you prefer, you can have the manufacture install what you like at an extra price. Choosing to do all these online is less tedious and you can even have the product customized for you and only get it when it is done. This will save you lot of time. Apart from the outer beauty, make sure that the inside is equally as beautiful to your liking. The inside matters a lot since this is where your most treasured jewelry will be and you do not want to end up with damaged treasures. Make sure that the lining inside your box is made of silk or velvet so that your treasure can have a soft resting place. The partitions should also be steady enough and should not have the risk of falling off. You will find the musical jewelry boxes relaxing as you choose the best piece to wear to that occasion. This is a sure way to lift your mood and spirit. [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=""]

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